Who is Lumpkin the Cat?


Above is the inspiration for one of the most important continuing characters in the Liss MacCrimmon Mystery Series, "Lumpkin" the cat. Although described in the books as "a big yellow tom," in reality he is buff-colored. He doesn't weigh quite as much as his fictional counterpart, either, although he's making every effort to reach that point! In the fifth book in the series, Scotched, he and his little buddy, Glenora, make their first appearance on the cover.



And here he is again on X Marks the Scot, number eleven in the series.






Lumpkin and Glenora are based on my own cats, Nefret and Bala, who are actually littermates. Below is one of their "baby pictures."



To read my post, "Inspired by Cats," which includes the story of how Nefret and Bala got their names, click here to go to the Maine Crime Writers blog.



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