The "Deadly Edits" Mystery Series


Mikki Lincoln, freelance editor

Crime & Punctuation

in stores May 28, 2018


ISBN 978-1-4967-1255-4



When retired schoolteacher Mikki Lincoln returns to her old home town after fifty years away, she expects to find some changes. What she doesn't anticipate is murder.

Set in the fictional village of Lenape Hollow, located in the very real Sullivan County Catskills region of New York State, the story brings past and present together as Mikki, while launching a new career as a freelance editor, tries to decide if an old enemy is guilty of a heinous crime. If she's innocent, then who did kill a young woman whose only offense was writing a really bad crime novel?

This first in a new series will be followed by a sequel, Clause & Effect, in 2019.